November 13, 2007

Shredding resource One of the things that hold people back from clearing their offices is the question, "What am I going to do with the confidential things I want to throw away?" Specifically, you need to be protective of anything listing your social security number. Some of you have burned through one or two home size shredders from the office supply store and can't stomach the idea of buying another one. And now there are good alternatives. Commercial shredding services will come to your home, shred the stuff, and give you a written guarantee of shredding protecting your confidential information. In my neighborhood the company that handles automobile title transfers, Wiggins Auto has expanded their business to shredding. They have destroyed confidential information for years, have the equipment, and have the knowledge for doing document destruction correctly. Makes sense. They can come to your place or you can take your stuff to them. So you don't live in my neighborhood. Alternatives abound – hopefully one is near you. Check at the website for the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for a company near you. You need to enter your state and click GO. Then, a whole list of certified destroyers of sensitive and confidential information will be returned. Here is a short list to get you started thinking about things that you can destroy – it is incomplete and offred simply to stimulate your thinking on document destruction. Talk to your accountant and lawyer for absolute direction on document destruction. Mortgage papers for mortgages paid off (do not destroy the payoff documents, just the original document). Tax forms that won't be needed in the future (usually those over 10 years old) Old credit card statement (talk to your accountant)

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