January 22, 2008

3 Ways To Go Back To Sleep You're accustomed to getting up at 5:45 because the bus for the kids is early or the traffic on the way to work gets so bad that you need to be on the road before rush-hour typically begins. Then, it's the weekend, or a holiday like today in the USA, and it's your chance to sleep in. 5:45am rolls around and your eyes pop open. But, you stayed up a bit late anticipating having the time to sleep in – maybe event to 7am and getting up now means you'll be dragging in the afternoon. We all know we're more productive and function better with good rest so now the question is: How do you go back to sleep? The iPod remedy. The reason the iPod remedy works is that you can be confident that you're not missing anything because you can rewind or replay, your mind has something to focus on that isn't the list of things that you have to do, and you're setting up your environment to something pleasant. Have something on your iPod that will allow you to go back to sleep. In my case it is a set of interviews that last 5-7 minutes. I rarely get to the second interview. For you it could be a book on tape that you've heard before. Perhaps it's classical or zen music. Do not play something energizing and up-beat as that will just wake you up. If you sleep on your side put just the top earphone in. Turn your iPod on and listen lazily. Soon your mind will drift off and you'll be sleeping for a while longer. Note that there is a feature on iPods that will turn the iPod off after the length of time you specify. This saves battery and allows your sleep to go deeper. After you start the music playing click on menu until you get to the top menu where you can select Extras. Then select clock, select the clock that is highlighted, then click on sleep timer. Scroll to the duration you want, 15 minutes should be enough and select that. You're set for the iPod remedy. The List remedy. This list remedy works because it takes things off your mind so that you can relax enough to fall asleep again. By writing the actions, reminder, or solutions down you will relax with confidence that you won't forget them....
Ancient Wisdom in Productive Office Layout (Feng Shui) On our quest to use as many tools as possible to get our work done we're looking at Feng Shui on Wednesday for a while. I aim to present some ideas and tips that we can use from our point of view right away. My second step, after reading a couple of books was to call Emy Louie, Feng Shui Consultant and Licensed architect. We spent the better part of an hour talking and here are some specific insights A Mural Creates A Horizon Line Emy Louie offered: Feng Shui recommends you face the door to your office. Yet, in cubicles we almost always have our back to the entrance. Emy recommends having a mirror or something else reflective such as a sliver vase in front of us so that we sense someone entering our space. Think of this a rear-view mirror like you have in a car applied to your cubicle for the same reason, you know what's going on behind you. A good color for an office or accessory in the office is gold – the color of wealth in Feng Shui and around the globe. I asked Emy if green, the color of USA money is good and she suggested that it's good for creativity and growth, and ok for success. Fame walls are not just for doctors. The wall with diplomas, certificates, and recognition of your accomplishments is recommended in your office. The placement of these 'fame' objects should be so that someone entering your office sees them naturally, straight ahead. If you have an office in the basement you should strive to create a horizon line. The perfect manifestation of this is a mural that depicts an outdoor scene with a vast expanse of land. Water should be included just as its part of landscapes normally. An alternative to a mural would be a chair rail with lighter colors painted above and on the ceiling and darker earthy tones below. Feng Shui is about energy (chi) and synchronizing with natural energy – the perfect energy. So we can look to nature for guidance on how to set things up. Including nature in our settings by having healthy plants is another way to align with nature. Ahead of you at your desk display or depict the things you're striving to achieve. If it's a quota number, print it up nicely and hang it on a cork...

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