January 16, 2008

Who Else Wants to Know What The Ancients Know About Success? Feng Shui is the practice and art of setting up environments to support the lives of the people in them. Feng Shui's outcomes can be positive impacts on health, financial success, and emotional & spiritual well-being. Over the next weeks we'll be looking at this art and practice because it has been studied and refined for thousands of years. Shoot, if I had thousands of years to hone my knowledge I'd be scary smart! I'm anticipating all of us making our offices, desk configuration, and spaces a little different with worthy outcomes. My reading on Feng Shui leads me to understand that it is a complex discipline. In culinary terms it is the difference between throwing a chicken in a pot with water yielding a thin broth or putting that same chicken in a pot with filtered water, beautiful fresh vegetables, and fragrant herbs yielding a soup with sublime taste. I am a neophyte grasping at some useful Feng Shui basics that are useful for you – for us. And I will do my best. As in all travel, a map is a terrific guide for getting you somewhere. Feng Shui has its map so I place the Westernized rectangular map here for your reference. There are dotted lines between the squares because they do overlap some and are interrelated. A wonderful Bagua Map with all its complexity can be found on Mike Wang's website: The Spiritual Feng Shui. Notice the layering of the bagua with the colors with the elements. This pulls everything together. In the meantime let me offer one practical step for you to take as we begin our exploration of Feng Shui. This is from the principel that clutter is detrimental in every way. Take a look at your desk surface. Answer this question for yourself: "Is there old stagnant stuff in any of the areas of my desk?" If yes, lay the bagua map on it with career being just in front of you. Now see if there is discord, a mess, or other undesirable thing in your work life in the area where the old stale stuff is. That's it. That's one practical step inspired by the ancients that you've taken. An example of this exercise is Jim. Jim has a dying plant in the upper left corner of his desk. He has his wooden name plate and printed business cards are perched on...

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