March 10, 2008

Plan a Progressive Dinner ~ Friday @ 5:00 A progressive dinner is a great reason to get your friends together and have some fun. It takes just 3 couples to get things started and could grow include your neighborhood, work buddies, or other subset of the people that you know. The most basic progressive dinner starts at your house with appetizers and beverages. The next step is to one of your friend's homes for the main course. The final move is to the third friend's home for dessert and coffee. It's easy and fun. Enhancements you could make to this progressive dinner basic format are: Plan it farther in advance than this weekend or just be spontaneous and relaxed Include game playing at one of the stops – or make one stop a game stop unto itself (you'll probably want nibbles there) Twister would be a great way to make some room for the next course. Write the directions from one house to the next cryptically so the drivers/walkers have an adventure like a treasure hunt getting from place to place Cater the main course and relieve the host of cooking Have a theme for the dinner such as Southwestern Fare, Apple as an ingredient in every course, or Jamie Oliver recipes Add other courses: salad, soup, kid's favs Other tips for a success progressive dinner: If you can involved people whose house you can walk between, all the better for convenience Prepare make-ahead recipes so you can enjoy your turn serving Remember to make portions small – there are going to be a lot of them! Plan to spend no more than 30-45 minutes at each home Take photos! Progress from restaurant to restaurant rather than house to house Hire a babysitter and send all the kids to one house (the one with the babysitter) for a care-free adult night Let us know how yours goes – send pics and we'll post them here! ____________________________ R & R (rest & rejuvenation) are the intentions behind the Friday at 5:00 entries. Often these are inexpensive and low key because you recharging your batteries can be more easily achieved without running around and doing, doing, doing. Your productivity is rooted in your energy being high. Your energy being high is rooted in recreation!

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