April 29, 2008

Setup a New Address - Friday @ 5:00 Create a non-work email. Yep, you guessed that this is written for middle-aged folks because our kids have 2, 5, or more email addresses and don't need this advice. Too many of us are using work email for some things that we really shouldn't. Some of you can't believe I'm writing this because it's so obvious to you. But, reality offers better stories than fiction – a very high level executive client of mine is literally looking for a job using his work mail. Remember that a company has the right to read, review, and act on any and every piece of email that is sent through the company system. So, this executive's activities may be uncovered before he has his next position resulting in unlimited time to look for the next position. Ow. Additional reasons to have a universal email account are: Your email address will be the same no matter where you are working or who your ISP (internet service provider i.e. @comcast.net or @verizon.net) is. This address should be used for online purchases, e-zines and newsletters, and other public purposes. It's easy to walk away from a universal email address by simply ceasing to check it. No corporate overseer has the right to read your email or act on it (as long as you're not using a company computer to check it). Universal email are web-based or on your own domain. A few popular options are: Gmail Yahoo! Mail AOL (American OnLine) Mail.com Fortunately setting up a new email account at any of these providers takes less than 10 minutes – often less than 5. You simply click on 'Get A New Account' or 'Register' and follow the steps, answer the questions, write a password and you're ready to go. If you're feeling very accomplished, set up Outlook to retrieve your email into a central mailbox. Again, if you do this on your work computer, they have the ability and right to monitor your email. Do it on your home computer. I have Outlook checking 2 Gmail & my ProductivityCafe & my OrganizersInc e-mailboxes – very convenient and all the emails are in one inbox. Then be sure to use it and check it at least weekly. Use it for the contact email on services you use, use it for personal correspondence, use it for job hunting, and write below to share with other Productivity Café readers...

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