June 18, 2008

Picture Your Organized, Streamlined Result Most people are visual – picturing things allows us to make things happen. A bush that needs trimming sends us one signal, while a bush that was recently trimmed sends another. And, if we're the one doing the trimming we have a starting look and a finished look that we're cutting to achieve. Would picturing the 'end result' work for you if you were clearing up the computer desktop? Is your screen full of icons for documents, spreadsheets, URLs, the recycle bin, shortcuts, folders and more? If you were to reduce the number of icons, would it make finding the ones you're using easier? Well, the best place to start for you might be to picture what a streamlined, organized, and polished desktop would look like. The remake might include a soothing or plain background and a list of just 10 to 12 items. It might be 'just like Ray's' (or insert your co-worker with a desktop that appeals to you). This is like planning a drive from your house to Nashville. You have your starting point, what your desktop looks like now (home), and your ending point, what your desktop will look like then (the goal). Visualizing works for a number of productivity and streamlining activities. Here are some examples: Emptying your Inbox – real or electronic Clearing the clutter from your brief case, office, closet, drawers, files, etc. Redo a room and have a photo from a magazine for inspiration Bills paid A shop floor from haphazard to systematized Tools from in a jumble in a tool box to hanging on the wall in attractive & useful order What you can imagine & believe you can achieve!

Susan Sabo

I am a tool-loving productivity specialist who gets things done so I can travel the world, bicycle our country, spoil my friends & colleagues, and show you how to do the same.

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