June 29, 2008

Water Passion - Friday @ 5:00 The sound of water is soothing to almost anyone. This weekend seek the water and enjoy the calming and rejuvenating effects. Here are ways to hear the gurgling of moving water, to enjoy cool water running over your feet, and to enjoy the weightlessness of full immersion. Enjoy one or two and schedule a more involved outing for the near future… Go to a stream or brook nearby. Wear water shoes, crocs or sandals and walk right up the middle – or the side where the water reaches to the middle of your calf if it's deep. If you get inspired to sit and let the water surround you… go for it! Go fishing! Sleep on a friend's boat. Someone you know may have a boat docked at a marina within an hour or two drive. If there is a little breeze or movement the sound of the water lapping on the side of the boat is what we're after. Buy a small water feature for inside your home. Fountains can be found at home stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or hardware stores like Home Depot & Lowe's. Install a medium or large water feature in your garden. This will be strenuous at first and give years of the most appealing background sounds. It will probably attract peeper frogs and other 'wildlife'. Be sure it's moving water or the mosquitoes will breed in the still water. Take a bath! Most tubs are rarely used – enjoy yours with some bubbles and lavender scent. Sit on a porch during a rain shower. Borrow or rent some inner tubes and float on a river, creek, lake, pond or in the waves. What's your favorite way to enjoy the sound of water? Leave a comment to let us know! ____________________________ R & R (rest & rejuvenation) are the intentions behind the Friday at 5:00 entries. Often these are inexpensive and low key because you recharging your batteries can be more easily achieved without running around and doing, doing, doing. Your productivity is rooted in your energy being high. Your energy being high is rooted in recreation!
Meetings, Money and Morale Millions of dollars of time are invested in meetings. Bad meetings mean lots of wasted money. Bad meetings mean diminished morale. Is this problem worse than email domination? I'm not sure but it's up there on the list of things that ruin people's work day. It's seldom that I review my consulting work with you. Today is one of those rare days. That's because this is a vivid situation that I'd like to share with you and explore over a number of articles here. I'm passionate about stopping waste and especially passionate about stopping waste of such a limited and precious resource as time. Let's start with the characteristics of bad meetings. There are lots of them. Here are my top 5: No agenda An agenda that isn't followed Starting late and running late One person dominating the meeting Making everyone hear material again while a latecomer is briefed Lack of follow-through (I know, this is #6 but I couldn't pick any to leave off) What's on your list? Here's the calculation. This organization has between 6,000 and 7,000 employees. If we can save each one from a badly-run one-hour meeting once a week the savings for the company is in the range of $2,750,000 per year. If we can save them from two one-hour meetings, well, this is an urgently needed improvement. Going beyond the value of the time saved will be increased productivity. While people are out of meetings they'll actually be getting their work done. And, not having to prepare for wasteful meeting frees up even more time and lightens the workload burden. And best of all, these employees will be happier. Happy employees mean productive employees. Morale will get a boost when employees feel heard, feel like they're contributing, and determine their time is applied satisfactorily (rather than wasted in some meetings). It's curious that well run, well prepared meetings seem to be the exception rather than the rule. How is it in the company where you work? Comment below so we can start talking about this meeting culture.

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