June 03, 2008

NRN = No Response Needed in Email Another quick email tip today – for your subject line… NRN – No Response Needed. We all agree that a good subject line is the best way to start an effective email. Sometime a subject line is all you need (use EOM then). When you're informing someone of some facts or updating a situation's progress your can add NRN to the end of the subject line. When used regularly, meaning you've trained your recipients that this is what NRN means, NRN informs the reader that this is an update and they can delete or file after glancing at it. NRN is not as popular as EOM. A NRN Google search turns up some interesting links. An EOM Google search goes right to it's definition. This is useful for emails you send to those people that seem to write "Thank You" to you for all your correspondence to them, too. It's a polite way to break them of the habit, hopefully. Sure, thank you is the traditional way – and it wastes time in a time-strapped schedule. I've even heard about a "You're Welcome" response to Thank You. Here's an example of an email subject line with No Response Needed incorporated: SUBJECT: Contract with Austin Supplier will Close on Friday the 13th – NRN To refresh you on EOM – End Of Message. Your subject line can sometime be the entire message. So, use it in your messages and those you regularly correspond with will appreciate you helping them breeze through (yet another) email. Here's an example: SUBJECT: Tonight's dinner reservation is for 7pm – EOM

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