June 10, 2008

Heads Up - Friday @ 5:00 This weekend give someone a heads up or get some of your own. Chances are you haven't slowed down recently to give or receive a great treatment for your head. Has someone given you a luxurious shampoo lately? How about a lingering scalp massage? Have you enjoyed brushing and braiding your daughter's hair without the curse of making it to school on time pushing the pace? Do you run your hand over Josh's brush cut but hold off drawing that out and giving him some heads up love? That's the suggestion for this weekend. Take a heads up and give some heads up time to those you enjoy. You could buy some aromatic shampoo and swap sudsing with someone. You might find your wife purring under your head massage [There is no bad way to rub or scratch a head – just start with a little finger tip push and pull then ask "How's this? Would you like… " and follow the response]. More heads up ideas: Rub a favorite essential oil onto the hair – it'll smell heavenly, your scalp & hair will get conditioned, and you'll be smiling! Press your thumbs into the base of your partner's neck on the side of the spine then walk your thumbs up to the base of his skull. This releases a lot of stress for people. Grab small hunks of hair and tug upwards very gently for a few seconds – count to 10 – release and repeat Massage in small circles and be sure to cover every square inch! Get a brush or comb and simply take long, slow sweeps from root to end. The hard part of this Heads Up is taking the time. You can do it! It could be a 5 minute or 15 minute thing. Just do it! ____________________________ R & R (rest & rejuvenation) are the intentions behind the Friday at 5:00 entries. Often these are inexpensive and low key because you recharging your batteries can be more easily achieved without running around and doing, doing, doing. Your productivity is rooted in your energy being high. Your energy being high is rooted in recreation!

Susan Sabo

I am a tool-loving productivity specialist who gets things done so I can travel the world, bicycle our country, spoil my friends & colleagues, and show you how to do the same.

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