July 31, 2008

Weekly Review - the Hagerty Review David Allen advocates the weekly review - and he's had a book on the NYT best seller list for a couple of years. However, for some of us the Hagerty Review might be a better way to review our work and plan for future success. The Hagerty Review has us stop and look at what's going on in our work and realm of responsibilities. Then we summarize it in a report. This report is sent to our manager and retained, of course, for our own reference. The very slick (and smart) thing about sending it to our manager is that it involves him or her in our success while keeping us on our path to success. Since we at the Productivity Cafe like to be streamlined and standardized like lean operations of Toyota manufacturing, there is a standard report form to the Hagerty Weekly Review. Here are the elements of the report. Progress I made this week. Professional goals involved in my work this week. Obstacles I encountered this week and how I over came them. I could use help from [insert manager's name] to: Priorities for next week (top 3-5) A co-worker or someone who positively impacted my work this week That's it. Simple and to the point the Hagerty Review will help you and your manager keep on track. Create a document with just these categories. Name it: My Weekly Review Blank Form. Complete it during your CEO time each Friday. Send it to your boss, save a copy, review it on Monday and when you're writing your annual review. From a psychological motivation point of view, simply committing to this summary each week will heighten your awareness of how you're spending your time and the results you're moving toward or achieving. You will stay on course toward the goals you've set because you keep your eye on them. Yes, it is still difficult to stop and take stock of your activities. Yet, the payoff is manyfold. When will you have your next CEO time and try the Hagerty Review?

Susan Sabo

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