July 24, 2008

What part of your job is ' Do you recognize the time that you're motoring along 'doing your job' and you lose track of time because you're enjoying it so much? You're using your skills, knowledge and experience to make things happen. You clearly see the path that you're on and the destination you're moving toward with a project, thought, communication or other activity. You forget to eat until someone invites you to join them for lunch. You use your dnd (do not disturb) button on your phone and enjoy gaining momentum as you get in the zone of the thing that your mind is doing. What part of your job causes this focus and pleasure? How can you do more of that? This an especially pressing question if you don't enjoy the whole 'package' of going to work. Focus on those things that are easy to get wrapped up doing and do one of two things, or do both. Design an evolution of your job to include more of the things you passionately enjoy. Propose it to your manager. NOTE: when presenting it to your manager focus on what the benefit are for him, the team, and the company. Sure, this is your dream job, or moving toward your dream job, but that should be a small justification for your proposal to her. Second, look around your company and other companies for positions that 'require' more of what your favorite functions are. If you like leadership positions such as project management or meeting facilitation, look for positions that have a lot of that activity. If it's individual contribution that makes you smile more when you're at work. Define that and how you can find more of it - in your job, altered responsibilities, or new responsibilities. There is no reason to stay in a job you don't enjoy entirely for a length of time. It might be required that you endure this imbalance of good parts and bad parts. It's up to you to develop what you're doing and what you'll do in the future to be more of the good parts. Imagine waking up and anticipating going to work because of the things you'll accomplish and activities you'll engage in. That'll be productive for everyone. Go for it!

Susan Sabo

I am a tool-loving productivity specialist who gets things done so I can travel the world, bicycle our country, spoil my friends & colleagues, and show you how to do the same.

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