August 08, 2008

An Outlook Shortcut to Move an Email Attachment to Stored Document Do you move documents from email attachments to your folders regularly? If so, I have a streamlined operation to do this for you. As often happens, I learned something accidentally today and I love the shortcut. So here it is for you. When you have documents to move from an email attachment to a folder there are three options. 1 – You right click on the attached document and on 'save as' in the box that opens. Then you select the folder to store it and hit return. 2 – Some of us double click on the document, pdf or other type of attachment to open it with the related application. Then we File Save from the original program. Then we select the folder to store it and hit return. This is by far the longest route to storing attachments. 3 – You can drag and drop an attachment to a folder in an explore window. (This is the shortcut) note: This operation uses an explore window, not internet explorer. With the email with the attached document open, open explore. The quickest way I know to open an explore window is hold down the windows key (also labeled start key on some keyboards) and tap the E key. Left click – hold the left mouse button down – over the document(s) you want to move. Drag and drop the document in the folder where you want to place the document. Release the left mouse button and viola – it's done. The picture below shows this operation. Double click on it to see a full-screen version.

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