September 25, 2008

Reducing Junk Mail – the continuing saga In my quest to save trees and a bundle of my time by eliminating Junk Mail (an ongoing quest) I found a new tactic that might help you. Yes, this takes a few minutes. Yes, the payoff will go on for years! After receiving a flyer for Team in Training from the Leukemia society I called them to stop all future mailing. The customer service rep is amazing – she was conversational and really understood my reasoning. The simple fact that she cared why beyond just checking a box on a screen was impressive. After ensuring I would not receive future mailings I asked Helen where they got my name and address. She didn't know but she IM'd her boss to see if he could cross-reference a code on the label to the source. He didn't answer right away so she took my number and promised to call me back. And, she did! Clearly this is a post about great customer service too. After she called she followed-up with an email. Here is what she wrote: ----start---- Dear Susan, Thank you for calling us today. Your address was supplied to us from a company called "PERFORMANCE BICYCLE CATALOG BUYERS". Have a great day, Helen LLS Support Services ----end---- Of course I picked up the phone and called Performance to get my record marked as do not Share, sell, rent, etc. They were responsive so gave acceptable customer service. Why didn't I think to ask for the source cross-reference before…?! Better late than never. Hope this helps you too! Yeah Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Susan Sabo

I am a tool-loving productivity specialist who gets things done so I can travel the world, bicycle our country, spoil my friends & colleagues, and show you how to do the same.

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