October 01, 2008

Do You Finish or Change Course? You might have a reputation by now and if not, you're certainly creating one. The dimension of your reputation I'm talking about is your finishing quotient. Has the family room been under construction for the last 6 months? When you're working on a writing project does the idea for a new business come to mind and you switch attention to writing a whole business plan for it? (One of my clients did that this summer – the writing deadline was missed – the business plan is solid.) Do you like to create and implement new ideas but not sustain them? If you start things and don't finish or carry-through there are times you shine and times you irritate some people out of their minds. You shine when you're coming up with new ideas and that's what you're paid to do. Essentially you score when you're meeting the expectations that you've agreed to execute. If you're in product development and coming up with viable new products you get kudos. If you're in product manufacturing and coming up with viable new products, you get, "Is that what I pay you to do?" You lose points when you're doing something that is not what someone anticipates from you. For many of us there is a great strategy for building our reputation when we're not finishers. The strategy is to partner with your compliment – someone who loves to see things through but isn't interested in or able to come up with the new ideas. The key is recognizing if you finish, or not, and where your strength lies. Then, build you compliment to have a whole. Returning to the family room question above. If you're someone who has a vision for the family room and tore it apart, "Good for you." If you're now in the phase that doesn't interest you or you have lots of other things to do before you get back to it, hire someone. There are loads of people who can see your vision and make it a reality. Your room will be whole sooner and you will get credit for what you do well. The other guy will get credit for their contribution and everyone will enjoy the finished room. That sure beat negative attention for what isn't done!

Susan Sabo

I am a tool-loving productivity specialist who gets things done so I can travel the world, bicycle our country, spoil my friends & colleagues, and show you how to do the same.

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